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Top Consultancy
  • Communication Planning & Design:

Success remains the essence of proper planning and design. We support all industries and segments to reach desired efficiency of their established or estimated communication system.  Our expertise covers major solutions, such as and not limited to: TETRA, SCADA, MOTOTRBO, APCO (P25), GSM, and Broadband, etc.

  • Communication Management:

Best solution that fits short to medium range projects. MAIS offers a dedicated team of engineers that manage, maintain, and support client’s communication system. 

  • Audit and Assessment:

Our audit and assessment service covers a comprehensive analysis of the system deployed, evaluate effectiveness and ability to fulfill client's objectives. In addition we generate a detailed report about current functionality and the possibility of valuable upgrades.

  • Feasibility Study:

Feasibility study is essential in disclosing the viability of an idea, project, or solution.  We supports clients with extraordinary team and management that serve their communication vision and desirability in validating efficient solutions with the ability to strike costs.

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