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Motorola Two-Way- Radios and Systems Communication Training and Seminars
  • Dedicated Training and Seminars:

We offer local and international training for all clients based on their requirements and needs. In addition we provide on demand factory training for all sorts of communication systems.  We also organize customized seminars supported by suppliers or manufacturer.

Motorola Two-Way-Radios and Systems Communication Support
  • Support and Maintenance: 

It is only our support and finish that resembles MAIS image. Our team of experts deploys projects carrying our mission and vision with excellence to serve all clients. Hence projects are time and cost structured, we challenge ourselves around the clock to deliver and exceed promised results.

Motorola Two-Way-Radios and System Upgrade
  • Development and Upgrading:

This is an excellent added value service we are offering for all companies that are looking for the possibility to expand, develop, and/or upgrade their communication system with latest technology to advance effeciency and control functionality.

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