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Two Way Radio and Systems 

Two-Way-Radios Frequency Selection
Two-way-Radios Communication site selection
Site Selection
Frequency Selection
  • Site Selection and Coverage:

Our team of specialist engineers   visit and deploy intensive site survey to define basic constraints, supports product selection, and best coverage based on client's operational needs.

  • Frequency Selection:

Two-way radios are capable of operating on many different radio frequencies. Mostly these frequencies are either assigned by governments or service providers depending on the country in which the radio is being used. MAIS has advanced experience to support clients with all required information and studies on how to obtain proper frequency that best serve communication purposes. 

Two-Way-Radios and Systems License
Two-Way-Radios Product Selection
Product License
Product Selection
  • Product Selection:

Products are offered to fulfill operational objectives, without proper professional guidance, it falls way beyond intended purpose. If you wish to obtain highest level of radio communication control and management, we offer a wide range of latest products from industry  leaders. 

  • Product License:

Most Two-Way-Radio communication solutions and products requires license either from manufacturer or service provider. MAIS offers all information and experience required in order to shorten the distance for our clients in obtaining proper products license.

Installation and Programming
Telemetry Systems
Telemetry Systems
  • Telemetry Systems:

Telemetry  is a comunication system with advance process of control and remote monitoring capabilities. Telemetry systems are mostly deployed to progress efficiency and increase safety. We offer fully customized telemetry solutions for all industries. Please contact us for more information.  

  • Installation and Programming:

It is only our support and finish that resembles MAIS image. Our team of experts deploys assigned tasks and projects carrying our mission and vision with excellence to clients. Hence projects are time and cost structured, we challenge ourselves around the clock to deliver and exceed promised results.

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